Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Stands for frequently asked questions and the questions frequently asked by my clients are many but I will list the first 20 question and their answers and they are as follows

what is lottery spells?

To me Lottery spell is a mechanism or ways of how you can win lottery and other games of chances using spiritual powers to reveal winning numbers

Do i really need lottery spells to win the lottery?

Its not necessarily that everyone needs lottery spells to win the lottery, many people are born lucky and they have won numerous lottery games and gambling games without help of any spell but those are the few but the majority have lost the little they have expecting to win big and ended up losing even their properties and others thrown out of their houses due to failure to meet the bills because they simply used the little money they had, expecting to win and later it was in vain. So under this circumstances, its when you really need the lottery spell to cover up the gap for that bad luck which you don't have any way of solving it and luck is not sold anywhere that you can buy it and win the lottery

Do lottery spells really work?

Yes, Lottery spells do work if its cast by professional specifically lottery spellcaster, and many people who lost money previously through gambling and lottery can witness this after and testify on lottery spells after using it. However there are a lot of people online who claim to be lottery spellcaster and claim to be powerful and take large sums of peoples money and they fail to do their work and at the end make people think that maybe lottery spells casters are scammers which is not the case because if it never existed or if its not working, it wouldn't have survived until now which means its working but getting the real lottery spells caster is where the problem is, but here, I promise you can see the light at the end of the tunnel

Do lottery spells work when am miles away from Lottery spell caster?

It's not only lottery spells and gambling spells which can be cast when the spellcaster and client are miles away from each other and the client see effective and convincing results. Many spells do work when clients are staying on different continents like love spells, voodoo love spells and many more. which means distance is not a problem when casting a spell. Take an example, when you visit a spellcaster physically, he /she will check you and tell you how much to pay and go home and the rest of the work is done in your absence, so the difference is the similarity, only that when you visit spellcaster, you get that confidence and trust that's all.

And how much is the Lottery spells?

There are a lot of lottery spells depending on how fast you want to win and each lottery game or gambling game has a different way of approaching it and different prices. what you have to put into consideration is there are instant lottery spells and even those which can take 2 days, 3 days and others week and others month like the moon lottery spell and each is got different price

“Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ and their answers, win lottery and gambling games from any country, get money spells, distance is not a problem.”

How long does it take for me to see the results?

It depends on the lottery spell you requested, As I have explained to you above, that each spell has got time flame and duration if you request for the instant one, then you will see the results same day same time so duration varies depending on the lottery spells you requested

What are the disadvantages of using lottery spells to win lottey?

So far I haven't recorded any disadvantage of using lottery spells because its entire developed specifically to help you win lottery thats all and the only disadvantage I can tell is on the side of lottery and gambling games owners/businessmen who entirely introduced these games basically to gain and benefit in their business and if they see such spells entirely introduced to beat up their odds then they are never happy and you may find out that they are the one busy de-campaigning spells as fraud and unfound purposely to make you quit spells, but you won't quit gambling and what next? you lose and they win because their sole purpose is to make you lose and they remain in business

Is there any side effect of using lottery spells?

No side effect recorded so far using lottery spells and gambling spells, if they are really cast by real and experienced lottery spells caster and if you really follow the instructions I don't think you can have any difficulties but try to look for lottery spells specialists they are many but what you have to do before making payments try to make sure you talk to them verbally on the phone other than chatting, listen and ask questions that's when you will trust. And make sure at some point if allowed ask for video calling and see step by step

How am i sure that the spells really work?

You can only be sure after winning that's when you can trust otherwise everyone will claim powerful and promise heaven and earth including me but what I can tell you is don't pay minus seeing the refund policy in case you lose or the spell fail to work for you, you have your money back

is there a refund incase i do fail to win lottery?

Yes there is a refund in case you are not satisfied with the services and you can check for the refund policy and what I guarantee is if everything is done perfectly, no worries you can win and communication matters as humans, you can't fail to reach common ground

Why Cant i pay the spell caster after results if you are sure am going to win?

Its fine and it can be done but it depends because before any spell is cast, you need helpers to when casting some spells, and they must be paid and the spell materials have to be bought in order to start the spell and if no money is paid, it means the spellcaster has to use his funds to buy all that in order to cast the spell but some are poor. And another thing is, we as spellcasters, we have rules and regulations and policies including refund policy BEFORE we operate fully. in case i don't do your work you can report me but the client doesn't have, here a client is dealing with a fully registered company or organization, but the company, on the other hand, is dealing with the client with nothing concerning any policy at all. So based on that the spellcaster is not sure if the client is serious or not so that's when payment is needed before casting any spell.

Do these spells work on every lottery game?

It depends on the spellcaster you consulted, not every spellcaster can cover up a wider range of lottery and gambling games. What you have to do is to explain to the lottery spells caster the type of lottery game you want to play 2 days before the draw in order to give spellcaster time to study that particular game